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dream girl is the best song/album/music video/concept/era to exist in the history of kpop and possibly the history of music. fight me

i see your dream girl era and raise you lucifer era shinee :P
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Young Hyun Im’s Instagram Update 07.09.14

I ship this so hard



Young Hyun Im’s Instagram Update 07.09.14

I ship this so hard

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Jonghyun just being Jonghyun. What else can I say?

fucking dinosaur
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New hair cut for Jonghyun in the next MV of Shinee “Downtown baby”
Sexy *^*


New hair cut for Jonghyun in the next MV of ShineeDowntown baby

Sexy *^*

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let me get this straight



at one time, the HPDH2 script had draco walking across the courtyard to his parents

until he saw that harry was alive

at which point he shouted


and ran back

across the courtyard

away from his parents

to harry


why, why did they change this? words cannot express how cheated i feel, and i don’t even ship drarry- - oh god, no
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{NEWS} Taemin’s fear of bugs results in hilarious physical comedy

On August 30th, SHINee (sans Onew) performed at the 2014 Chuncheon International Leisure Sports Festival and delighted fans with performances of “Beautiful”, “Sherlock”, “Colorful”, and “Everybody”.

It seemed like yet another exciting night to see SHINee perform live once again, until a big bug decided to grace the stage during the performance of “Sherlock”. Taemin has long been known to have an absolute dislike for bugs, and it still stays true to this day. The usually charismatic and electrifying dancer succumbed to his fear of the flying, six-legged creature and was unable to perform the choreography for a few moments.

When the time came for SHINee to address the audience, one of the festival’s staff went up the stage to pass a water bottle to Taemin, only to have him cringe back in fear as he mistook the harmless water bottle for the big insect. Taemin’s few acts of unintentional physical comedy induced laughter from not only the fans in the audience, but his fellow members as well.

Written by: debsayys @ shineee.net

As someone who jumped into heavy traffic to avoid a cockroach on the pavement, I deeply admire Taemin for not leaping off the stage at the first encounter. 

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this is my favourite move in the entire choreo

this is my favourite move in the entire choreo

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lol just yesterday Taemin burned his jacket and today he had another wardrobe malfunction because he ripped his pants. Then he said “I gained weight?” so i guess the peanut butter worked for him oh boy can you stop being such an adorable creature? 

Please explain this. Burned his jacket? Ripped his pants? Peanut butter?????
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That does not look healthy.

SM stylists, can we please go easy on the bleach, hair dye and irons for a bit? 

cr: kegu

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*plugs ears, closes eyes*

Hello Kitty is a cat, idc what anyone else says. 

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I’m really in the mood for Taekai, or Taekey, recommendations would be appreciated!

my taekey fic rec: eternallysmaug.tumblr.com/post/57334703154/taekey-fic-rec-list also, tumblr user unbirthdaysong has the best taekey fics. i believe she has a fic rec as well. and as for taekai, this story wins all the trophies: http://linnhe.tumblr.com/post/75440025167/shadows-of-the-mess-we-made-1-3