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If I can have your attention for a minute

I’d like to apologise to my followers for the non-kpop posts today.

I’ve been trying not to get caught up in this debate, but…

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"raylee-smiles: I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I have posted a lot of ‘support Israel’ stuff on here lately and obviously I am pro Israel- I am from Israel and I am proud to be Israeli. But putting that aside I would like to share some truths with you:
This is the fourth war I am living through, and I would… I want to answer eternallysmaug: What are you talking about? basically what you just wrote is saying that you’re fine with terrorism and killing people! Israel gives you clean water everyday, free electricity, and free medical support- Israel takes care of you better then your own leaders! what you are doing is spitting in the well you drink from!
Israel belongs to the Jews- to the Israeli nation, there is no such thing as Palestinian territory, go back and read the Quran (which is based on the Torah of the Jews by the way) Which tells you who the land belongs to, so I don’t know in which fantasy world people are living in, but get facts straight..
Oh and one last thing, everyone has a right to their own opinion.. But saying It’s ok to kill people just because you feel they’ve done you wrong is thinking like a terrorist… and in some countries your would be locked up for such words.."

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Palestinians resisting Israeli occupation is no different from the french resistance against Germany in WW2, the Malayan and Chinese resistance against Japanese occupation in WW2 and the Indian resistance against British imperialism.

Also, this occupation of Palestinian territory didn’t happen ages ago or anything like that. It’s ongoing. It’s rather like the UK suddenly laying claim to France and just randomly moving in - would anyone be surprised if the French started launching rockets to Dover? Would anyone call them terrorists? I don’t see anyone threatening to lock up these resistance fighters for protecting their homeland.

And as for kindly Israel, taking care of the Palestinians by giving them water and electricity and medical support - none of these things are free (except perhaps medical support from the UN). Palestinian people pay Israel for water that is drawn from Palestinian wells. Palestinian people pay for electricity. Palestinians are not allowed to fish in the sea. Israel counts the amount of food calories that go into Gaza so that Palestinians are perpetually starved. I too, would spit in this poisoned well.

Also, we’re clearly never going to be on the same page if your policies are going to be based on works of fiction i.e. religious texts. Get a credible source - a historical book, perhaps, based on facts and numbers - and they’ll all tell you the same thing: there were Arabs living in that strip of land for over a thousand years, and the Jews basically got the Brits to kick them out so that they can form a country.

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"Imagine that you inherit a house. It’s small and in kind of an iffy part of town, but you were actually homeless before this, and hey, the place has a lot of family history. The problem is your neighbors. See, pretty much everyone else in this neighborhood is the same ethnicity, while you’re from a mixed-ethnic background. Most of your neighbors make it clear that “your kind” isn’t really welcome around here.
[[MORE]]To make things more complicated, you technically inherited three houses—your relative’s old home, and the two on either side of it, meaning that you are your neighbors’ landlord. Now, the neighbor on your right is…relatively okay; he’s mostly stopped smashing in your windows lately, and occasionally you two can have a terse, semi-polite conversation. The neighbor on your left, however, is kind of a psycho. He treats his house very poorly and insists that it’s your responsibility, as landlord, to fix everything—but since “your kind” isn’t welcome in his home, he just wants you to give him money to repair everything himself. You do, reluctantly, and he has plenty of other money that he mooches from wealthy friends and relatives, but his house continues to fall into ruin. Apparently his money is used for other matters.
The thing is, this neighbor really doesn’t want “one of you” as his landlord, so he thinks you should hand over the deed to his house. In exchange for this, he’s willing to pay…well, nothing. In fact, since “your kind” aren’t supposed to be living here anyway, you should probably just give him your house too, and go back to living on the street where you belong. Naturally, you‘re not crazy about this idea, and tell him as much. And he gets angry, screaming that you’re a pig, that your kind are responsible for every problem in the world, you’re inhuman scum, and he’s going to kill you and everyone in your family.
At this point you just stop talking to the guy, writing him off as a nutcase. He goes back into his house, seething and occasionally screaming insults at you from his window.
And then one day he comes out onto his yard, points a shotgun at your house and starts firing at your windows.
The good news is, he’s a pretty lousy shot—the bullets all hit brick, and after firing all his rounds he goes back inside. But he comes out again the next day, and the next, and the next, trying to hit you again each time. Sometimes his kids are with him. They whoop and holler with each shot, and scream slurs if they catch you glaring out from your window.
The police generally seem uninterested in helping you; they usually don’t operate in “that kind of neighborhood,” and anyway, why did you move there in the first place? You should have known your kind wasn‘t welcome in that neighborhood, so it‘s not like you can complain that you’re being attacked now. You talk to some of your saner neighbors, including the other tenant; they agree to try to get the psycho off your case, but the shots continue, so they’re either unwilling or unable to actually do anything.
But anyway, it’s not like your neighbor is actually hurting anybody. He’s just firing bullets at your house. Sure, every once in a while he actually hits a window…and once it was right into your daughter’s bedroom while she was playing with her dolls. (She’s been having a lot of nightmares, incidentally, and insists on sleeping in bed with you and your spouse now.)
And sure, one time when your son was at the bus stop your neighbor actually jumped out from the bushes and attacked him. Fortunately your son forgot his lunch that day, or you wouldn’t have shown up and seen what was happening. (You started driving him to school after that. What else could you do?)
And sure, one time when your spouse was driving into the neighborhood the neighbor’s kids threw a rock at the car, shattering the windshield. Your spouse lost control and crashed into a telephone poll. (Don’t worry; the concussion just made them disoriented for a couple of days.)
But still, no one in your family has died yet. So you just decide to sit on the issue. Wait to see what happens.
I mean, maybe that’s what you do. At this point, I probably would have snapped, taken a baseball bat, stormed outside and beat my neighbor’s face in. But that’s just me.
And so I guess that’s why I support Israel in its current war with Hamas."

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Your scenario is not an accurate portrayal of the dispute between Israel and Palestine. It needs a little tweaking:

- you inherit a house, but it used to belong to your neighbours before the person who gave it to you kicked them out

- you didn’t technically inherit three houses - you just keep bleating that to anyone who will listen to you

- you have one house. you decide that it isn’t big enough for you and decide to take control of the house belonging to your neighbour on your left in bits and pieces - first the front porch, then the living room and the bedrooms. you allow him to have one room and one bathroom

- your neighbour retaliates by throwing rocks at you and your children

- you retaliate by putting a blockade around his one room and bathroom. according the the rules of this blockade, he has to ask your permission to leave the house each day, whether it’s for work, shopping or to visit relatives. sometimes you grant it and sometimes you don’t. you don’t particularly care whether it inconveniences him. you control his water and electricity, cutting it off on random occasions so that you can use his water and electricity in your house. when he asks to install a new pipe for himself, you decline. you control the number of calories that go into his house, because they clearly have too much to eat if they’re capable of throwing rocks at you

- he still doesn’t stop throwing rocks at you, so you go to your friend who is really rich, borrow some power tools and start attacking him and his family with them.

- truth be told, you just want him to leave so that you can take his house for yourself.

There, fixed it for you.

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if gifs were anything to go by then ‘cool kiz’ looks like a show about minho getting on any older man he can reach - hoping to find that one true love - rather than soccer.

i just…











will he find the one?

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Reports indicate that Taemin’s debut album will be released 14 August and will be called Red Tide. I happen to think this is a perfect name, since nothing says great music like an algal bloom harmful to manatees.

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Here’s what I’d like to see.

Showrunners, script writers, actors (including voice actors and stunt doubles) and their agents acting according to this simple rule.

The fans of this show are crucial to its success. I will not participate in their humiliation. I will not participate in mocking fan fic, however crude or kinky. I will not participate in the humiliation of my fans. Even if fan art doesn’t comply with my tastes. I will not mock people for liking what they like. Fans are crucial for the succes of the work that I make. I will not participate in their humiliation.

If you, interviewer, want to do that, you will have to do it without me. I will not appear on your show, in your panels. I can engage with my fans via different channels. I will decline to be interviewed by you. I will not answer your questions. There are other ways for me to engage with my fans. There are interviewers out there who take both me as a creator and my audience seriously.




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Just my two cents on the Sulli controversy

Whatever it is Sulli wants to do, I support her 100%.

She’s been my favourite member of f(x) and favourite female idol since I got into kpop, and the fact that she’s received so much hate is so heartbreaking.

If she’s having mental health issues, then we should support her.

That being said, I don’t buy SM’s excuse that f(x) has stopped promoting Red Light because of Sulli’s incapacity (if any). SM is not the sort of company that cares about the health or happiness of their idols - when Kris left EXO, the band carried on promoting and had to relearn their choreo for their TLP while promoting Overdose.

When Jjong got hurt in the car crash, they actually filmed the MV and promoted without him (and this is just my theory, but my guess is that they even changed the title track from Nightmare to WSS to accommodate Jjong’s absence).

But whatever it is SM is trying to do or cover up, Sulli should not be blamed.

I just pity f(x) because Red Light is such an awesome concept and they really deserved better luck than this.

On an aside, I keep saying how I miss SHINee, but right now I’m quite happy for them to just lie low for a while. SM isn’t having the best luck this year and a dating scandal for SHINee *ahem - Key* could very well spell the end of the band.

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I just want this to be over.



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