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don’t put taemin and kai in the same room, their natural skinship comes out every five seconds and it won’t be good for your heart


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Jongin being possesive towards Taemin

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taekai’s four-word message

jongin: “너의행복?”

taemin: “너의행복.”

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because Taemin keeps answering Kai with his gag~
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Taemin explained, “It’s not like I hold hands with Kai or anything…”



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Taekai <3 #2

The last one is funny xD

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The three musketeers idols’ conflicting opinions on how they play (tran)

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ACE Review


I’ll be perfectly honest, I wasn’t too keen on a Taemin solo when it was first announced. Taemin’s not as good at carrying emotions in his voice as Jjong or Onew are, and his solo dances never impress me as much as his dancing when he’s with the band.

Nevertheless, my view was that I’d give it a chance.

The medley didn’t excite me, but I’ve never been impressed by any medley apart from SHINee’s WSS medley.

The teaser for Danger had me up all night.

The full MV - flawless (except maybe for that ridiculous messy apple hairstyle thing in the last third of the song). Gorgeous. So Taemin, so glam, so…ugh.

The song *click, click, boom*.

So now, on to the album.


Didn’t think much of it initially (I swear, this is my default mode) but it kind of grows on you. I’m impressed with the stability of Taemin’s voice - he sounds just as clear hitting the high and low notes.


What more is there to say? Loved the sound, loved the effects, loved the choreo. I’d rank this right up with Symptoms for sheer, mind-blowing awesomeness and sensuality - with Danger coming in second only because Jjong’s writing skills are better. 11/10, exceeded all expectations, blah blah blah.


It’s placed correctly in terms of the flow of the album. It’s nice to hear Taemin’s natural singing voice.

Pretty Boy:

Damn, this was good. The lyrics are fantastic. I like how it speaks for Taemin in order to dispel the myth that he’s innocent and fluffy, and at the same time how it disses the idea that pretty boys amount to nothing. It sounds like Taemin’s owning his pretty boy image and asking whether being pretty means that he can’t be mature, or whether outward masculinity is more important than depth of thought. I thought Kai was somewhat irrelevant here; it wouldn’t have made much of a difference to the song if he weren’t. Having said that, it’s nice to have the contrast of his deep voice against Taemin’s higher one in the song.


This flopped for me. It’s so forgettable, and I can’t remember what it sounds like despite having heard it four times already.

Play Me:



Taemin isn’t on par with GD or Hyuna as a soloist yet - keyword being ‘yet’. He’s got a lot of potential, and I can see him having a successful solo career while his hyungs are *absent*.

Rating: 7/10.

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August 16th 2014 - Protest in Tel Aviv to end the war and siege over Gaza, and to urge a long-term state solution. Around 10,000-15,000 protestors showed up, adding up to be the largest anti-occupation protest in years. // Adi Snoos

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Detailed fanaccount of Taemin’s teary moments at the fanmeet


First of all you need to understand the past few days have been bery very emotional. Every time we go to a recording Taem just has this look on his face like he’s saying Is this all for me? The support he’s receiving here is immense and he knows it. We didn’t know it was gonna be a handshake event before we got there so everyone was very sensitive after. And after the whole talk segment was emotional and close and cute and sweet so emotions were running high. There were people crying in the audience just at the thought of meeting Taemin.

With emotions running that high it was impossible for him not to be affected by it all. People started crying before anyone even made it to the stage to meet him. That was the sight that greeted him. And a lot of people said very nice things to him when they got there so the whole thing added to the past few days was very emotional. So yeah Taemin who has been feeling the support of everyone just kinda needed to let it all out. He was just very very touched by everyones love and support and he couldn’t help it and started crying. He turned his back at first but when tears kept on coming he walked to the low wall behind him and he just kneeled there and kept crying. He was kinda sobbing at that point and he couldn’t stop so cried for a while. He was bending over the wall, hanging his head down and crying and the staff and his manager went over to him and they rubbed his back and his head and talked to him. After he cried it all out he came back and the event continued. The support team asked us not to cry and to try to show him how happy he makes us and out happy faces ㅠ ㅠ they were very very sweet.

Fans actually tried to chant uljima uljima and saranghae but it didn’t work because the entire audience was also crying at that point.

cr: @MelodyMeritamon

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I’m noticing a distinct silence on Key’s part about Taemin’s solo. 

I’m not stirring shit up or suggesting that there’s bad blood between them, by the way. It’s just that the rest of the members have publicly come out with such strong support for Taemin that it seems a bit odd that Key hasn’t done the same.